The Quest Hampton range is all about lightweight, weather resistance and value for money

They are a high quality range of folding furniture that gives excellent weather resistance whilst ensuring both teh weight and price is kept down as low possible, giving an excellent balance between all three.

Textilene Fabric
This is a high quality textilene, not to be compared to the cheaper 'see-through' versions out there. It is denser and stronger than the cheaper textilene giving a better look and a longer life. The textilene itself is a two tone pattern which gives the textilene a much nicer look elevating even higher than the single colour versions out there. Textilene is an all weather fabric as it is naturally quick to dry and pouros, so even if it does get left out in the rain the majority of the rain runs through the material and the water repellent nature of the fabric, doubled up with the quick drying means the chair is dry and ready to use within minutes.

Value for Money and Weather Resistance
The Hampton uses a high quality steel frame to give added value compared to the aluminium versions. To ensure weather resistance the steel frame is coated with a high quality all weather coating to give you both value for money and weather resistance in one. As explained above the textilene fabric is naturally weather resistant already, so the frame combined with the fabric gives an excellent weather resistance.

Whilst the frame is steel, due to the strength of steel we have been able to keep the size of the frame down to a minimum which helps ensure the weight is kept as low as possible.

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