Our Environment journey so far………….                                                                   


At Miriad Products & Quest Leisure, we pride ourselves on being an efficient, dynamic wholesale supplier. 

As one a leading supplier to the caravan, camping and leisure trade in the UK, we’re always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to protect our planet for the future generations. 



These are the improvements we have made so far to help our Environment and reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Installed LED Lighting in our warehouse & office spaces. 
  • Light sensors installed.  
  • All company cars are now electric or hybrid. 
  • Going paperless, all of our order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices are statements are now sent electronically. 
  • The open space around our office includes plenty of trees. 
  • Recycling our waste, we’ve teamed up with Veolia and 75% of our waste is recycled. Including shrink wrap, cardboard and plastics. 
  • Damaged stock, we look to rework this or use internally to avoid sending this to landfill. 
  • Removing polystyrene from our packaging 
  • Recycling of pallets at their end of use 
  • Recycling ink cartridges 
  • Reducing travel and conducting more meetings online 
  • We have moved 85% of our packaging to recycled cardboard. 
  • Non recycled is sourced from FSC suppliers.  
  • We're donating our pallets to a local company to build bird houses too!


We are now looking further ahead to see what more we can do,  

  • Recycling all our site waste from bottles to packaging.  
  • Removing plastic from our own branded products.
  • Souring biodegradable materials for packaging. 
  • Minimising packaging even further. 
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