The Quest Childrens range is all about fun, lightweight, easy to clean plus added safety features.

The children’s range is a fun and easy to use furniture range. They are all lightweight folding chairs so children can carry them, themselves, making them feel more like their own.

Easy Clean Fabric
The fabric used in the children’s range feature a coating which not only helps protect the fabric from U.V. rays but also makes them easier to clean, and maintain.

Safety Features
All of the chairs feature safety locks to ensure the chairs are locked in position and do not close when not wanted and help ensure no trapped fingers caused by chairs folding away when picked up etc.

Light Weight
Every chair in this range is light weight. They are so light weight they can be picked up by children. The items pack down as well to small sizes and come with their own carry bags (except the moon chairs), which makes them even easier to carry. So much so we have found that children like to carry them themselves as it adds to the feeling that they really are their chairs and not somebody else’s that they just use.

Pack Away and Carry Bags
Every chair in this range (except the moon chairs) has a pack away frame to make the pack size smaller. These frames simply collapse and fold into a small pack size making them easier to carry and store away when not in use.. They all also come complete with their own colour coded carry bag which makes them even easier to store away but also offers extra protection for your chair helping them to last even longer. The moon chairs fold flat making them easy to carry and easy to store away when not in use.

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