Keep Damp and Moisture under Control

Kontrol is a UK company that has been leading the way in damp and moisture control for over 20 years. They are a specialised company dedicated to fightijng damp and moisture. Their products have been used in the Leisure industry, in gardens and homes all over the UK for many years. They have proven reliablity and deliver the best performance when combating damp and moisture.

HOW DO THEY WORK Without going into the science too deeply, the Kontrol product range works by extracting moisture from the air using their exclusive Kontrol crystals. These crystals pull mositure from the air and deposit into the Kontrol traps. The Kontrol traps then hold the water collected making it easy for you to dispose of in a clean and efficent manor afterwards.

ARE THEY RE-USABLE The traps can be reused many, many times. They are designed to be refilled using the Kontrol crystals. This helps keep costs down as once you have purchased a trap you just need to by the crystals afterwards to refill the traps and that is all. Safe, easy, better for the environment (the refill packs allow for less packaging and the re-uable nature of the traps means less waste) and cheaper on the pocket.

HOW LONG DO THEY LAST How long they last will depend upon how much moisture is in the air as this will effect the time it takes to draw mositure and eventually fill the traps up. There are also many different sizes of traps, but as a guide you have three main sizes of traps, listed below with their approximate time to fill up before needing to be emptied and re-filled.
  • Mini Trap : The smallest of the range. Usually lasts between six to eight weeks before refill
  • Streamline Trap : The most popular design (thanks to its small footprint it si designed to fit on window ledges and small thin spaces). These are larger than the mini traps and usually last between eight to twelve weeks between refills.
  • Mega Trap: A double sized version of the streamline trap. Built to give longer times between refills. They usually last between sixteen and thirty-six weeks between refills.

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