The Westfield Outdoors® range represents the very best furniture available today.

They combine the very best materials and manufacturing processes together to create the perfect folding furniture. Backed with the very best 5 year warranty available they will out perform all of their rivals.

DuraDore 3D Mesh
The Avantgarde and Performance ranges from Westfield Outdoors have a unique fabric called DuraDore 3D mesh. This is simply the most advanced and performant fabric available today. It is a padded fabric that is made for the outdoors. Firstly it is a stretch material that is more durable than other materials so will last longer and perform better. The stretch nature of the fabric also means that it is more comfortable than non-stretch fabric and will last longer as it will give when used and bounce back when not used. It is better against UV damage thanks to its natural structure and the advanced UV coating it has.
The other unique feature about it is that it has a porous fibreglass pad, rather than a standard foam one. This means that the base fabric,, plus the underlying padding is porous it allows moisture through rather than soaking it up. This in turn means that even if the chair is left out in the rain it will dry within 5 minutes. The porous nature also means that it is breathable making it much more comfortable on hot days as well, so this is the very best padded fabric available, built for any weather.

DuraDore 2D Fabric
The Alicante range from Westfield Outdoors use the supersoft and comfortable Duradore 2D fabric. It is a fully padded materuial giving it extremely good levels of comfort. The comfort is improved by the supersoft nature of the fabric, but being a Westfield OUtdoors® fabric it is also etremely durable, hard wearing, weather resistant and will out last its rivals.

DuraLight Frames
Duralight is another unique material for Westfield Outdoors. It is a magnesium and aluminium alloy which is lighter and stronger than aluminium. This makes it the best frame available as it is lighter and stronger than its rivals. The alloy is also weather proof so will last longer. The incredible light weight nature of the frame allows the Avantgarde Noblesse chair to be the lightest, fully padded chair on the market, whilst the Advancer XL is the strongest (with its 200kg max load).

Premium Aluminium Frames
The Alicante chairs use a premium grade aluminium to give the best possible balance between weight and strength. These frames outclass all others with the exception of the exclusive Westfield DuraLight frames. Simply the best aluminium frames currently available.

Pan European Warranty
Every chair in the Westfield range comes with a class leading 5 year warranty. This is simply the very best available, it gives you the very best cover possible, for the very best furniture possible. Not only is it long but it is a pan European warranty. As the Westfield range is sold all across Europe (in fact it is one of, if not the largest European brand of furniture today) the warranty gives you extended cover all over Europe. If you were in Europe when an issue happened, we would attempt to resolve your problem in that country, there and then. You do not have to wait until you return home and then get it looked at, you'll get support where you are, when you are.

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