The original and the best, one person, one minute pitch

These are our extremely easy to use screen houses and shelters. Designed so they can be pitched by one person in under a minute. Often copied, but never equalled, these are the original screen houses, so quick and easy they can be pitched by one person in one minute, they are simplicity itself.

The Vision
Pitched by one person in less than one minute

This is the original Quest Screen House range. This are the original and best quick pitch shelters available today. Often copied, but never equalled we have been developing these for longer than its rivals and they improve every year.

The screen house is designed from the start to be pitched by a single person. They are so simple they can actually be pitched by a single person in less than one minute. They easily get the single person pitch icon, but also the 60 seconds to erect pitch, and we have tested and tested this claim many thousands of times and they are as easy as that sounds.

It is not all about ease of use though. We also build them to last. Firstly they are the only shelters with our own designed and developed premium hub system. This hub system is extremely well built and will last for years. We take our test models to shows all year long and keep them for at least two years. In that time frame they go up and down, up and down many thousands of times, so many in fact that during one week at the NEC caravan and camping show it can go through 10 years worth of use in that single week, and we use them for years ! Not only are they extremely durable, but they can also be fixed if they do go wrong. You don't have to throw them away if you accidentally break something, we try to ensure that all moving and working parts can be replaced, so in the unlikely event of an accident, it is still not the end of your product, they can be fixed.

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The Features
Please find below some of the features available in this range of shelters. Please note that not all features are available on all models as they depend upon the type of screen house or shelter.
Quest Tec210
A lightweight 210D polyester fabric with added durability, strength and performance. The advanced UV coating gives it a 2,000mm HH.
Quest Tec75
This is an extremely lightweight fabric making it easy to use, quick drying and easy to roll and fold making your product easier to pack away.
Premium Hub System
The premium hub on the screen house is in its 5th generation of hub and they get better every time. They have years of proven reliability and have years of use built in.
Zero Tenson Frame
The Zero Tension Frame is an quick and easy frame system that tensions itself so you don’t have to. You simply open it out, extended the legs and your are done.
60 Seconds to Erect
The product can be erected in less than sixty seconds. This can be done by a single person, they are truly that easy. We test the product ourselves to ensure that it can be done.
Single Person Pitch
This product is extremely easy to pitch, so much so it can be pitched by a single person. We also check them ourselves, to ensure they can be done.
U.V. 50 Plus
The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.
Acessory Zip
The accessory zip found on the pro models enable the addition of accessories and optional products. You can zip on a canopy, vehicle connector and the new screen shield.
Very Lightweight
This product is very lightweight, making it even easier to use and pack away. The very light weight nature helps towards it being single person pitch.
This product is lightweight. The lightweight of the product helps make it easier to pitch carry and store and also helps towards being single person pitch.
no-Chill PRO mesh
The mesh on this product is our heavy duty no-Chill pro mesh. This mesh is thicker and stronger than its rivals helping the product last and perform longer.
Small Pack Size
The pack size of this product is small. The fabric folds away neatly into a small package. This makes it easier to put in its bag and store away when not in use.

The Products
Please use the link below to go directly to the Quest screen house and shelter range in our products secton of the website where you'll be able see all the different models.

The Quest Screen House and Shelter Product Range
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