The Quest Fleetwood range is all about value and weather resistance

The fleetwood range all have weather proof table tops and powder coated or weather proof frames giving excellent weather resistance, all at great value.

Great value is at the heart of the Fleetwood range. They are all amazing value tables. They are designed to be great value by keeping them simple and providing a no frills solution. These tables are perfect for those after a no frills, value table.

Weather Proof Tops
The other main feature of the Fleetwood range is weather resistance. They are built and designed to deliver great weather resistance. Firstly all the table tops are completely weather proof. The master, low and high tables are a one piece moulded plastic top which is 100% weatherproof. This gives protection from the elements as well as protection from spills when the table is in use. The slatted table is a solid plastic resin top which is also 100% weather proof, giving you the same level of protection from the elements and spills when in use.

Weather Resistant Frames
The frame on the slatted table is made from the same 100% weatherproof resin that the top is to ensure that the entire table is weatherproof and protected from the elements. The master, low and high table frames are steel, but given excellent weather resistance thanks to the powder coating applied to them. This powder coating gives protection against the elements as well as blending the frames in with the table tops to give a great finish and look to the tables.

Fold Away
The slatted table folds together in one action. It only takes seconds and folds flat making it extremely easy to carry and store away when not in use. The master, low and high had a folding leg frame that clips to the table top. The table top is unclipped and the legs folded away when not in use to allow it to be packed and put away into a small space when not required.

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