Performance and technology combined to produce high end air awnings for caravans, camper-vans and motor homes.

Available in 4 different levels, you have the luxurious, made in Germany range featuring the European fabrics TenCate and Mehler AirTex, or the high end Cotton Touch awnings with their all year round performance.
Mix that with the premium lightweight awnings with the modern HydroTech RipStop fabric which gives you excellent performance but at a lower weight, or the performance lightweight awnings using the HydroDore SL fabrics for very low weight and ease of use.

The Vision
The Performance Air Awning Range from Westfield Outdoors

You have the heavyweight and premium HydroTech Cotton Touch awnings plus the premium lightweight HydroTech RipStop awnings giving you the choice between, cost, weight and durability, whilst always maintaining a high level of performance.
You also have the luxurious TenCate fabric awnings made in Germany for the ultimate in performance and production.

There are the drive away awnings with zip off tunnels to make them easier and perform better by removing the need for a drive away kit and allowing you to use them even if you change your vehicle, simply by changing the tunnel. There are the static motor home awnings with their fitting plus system designed to make them fit and perform better in real world conditions and the Neptune drive away awning whihc has been designed with added thought for higher vehicles.

There is a premium option for everyone.

The Features
Please find below some of the features available in this range of awnings. Please note that not all features are available on all models as they depend upon the type of awning.
HydroTech CT
HydroTech cotton touch is a premium heavyweight 300D polyester. It has a unique dual coating which gives it a class leading 10,000mm hydrostatic head and the excellent soft cotton touch feel to the fabric.
The fabric is extremely strong, which means it does not need rip-stop stitching as it is already tear resistant. It is also extremely durable meaning it will last and look better for longer. The fabric also has an excellent condensation performance, helping to keep it down to a minimum.
HydroTech RipStop
HydraTech ripstop is a brand new lightweight performance fabric. Based on a new 150D material, but using some of the same technology of the class leading cotton touch fabric it gives you excellent durability and waterproofing with a lighter weight.
The fabric has an excellent 6,000mm hydrostatic head plus extra strength from it's ripstop protection. The coating gives it extra durability and allows t to be used at any time for the year. This gives you a excellent, high performance fabric with a lower weight than you would expect which can make a big difference, especially on the larger awnings.
TenCate is a performance , European made polyester fabric. This is a very, very durable fabric with excellent waterproofing and can be used at any time of the year.
The fabric is resilient to stretching which helps the panels stay in shape for longer. It is waterproof, windproof and dirt repellent making it perform when and where you need to. It has a low weight for this style material which helps with the overall weight. It is UV resistant, so is protected against the suns rays and help protect against fading.
Mehler AirTex
Mehler AirTex is a European polyester fabric made with the highest quality raw materials and features an excellent high performance coating which makes it more durable and last longer than its rivals.
The fabric is waterproof and windproof. The high performance coating is an acrylate coating on on side and a fabric impregnation allowing the fabric to take more from the coating, boasting its performance. It improves the waterproof and windproof nature of the fabric plus gives the fabric extra UV resistance, weather resistance and a much higher protection from the suns rays. It also means the fabric is dirt repellent, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial which helps against mould growth and give sit a longer life as well as a better all round performance.
Advanced Air System
The Advanced Air System (AAS) is a high specification air tube system. It has been created to give you the benefits of both a multi-inflation system as well as the ease of use of a single inflation system. The system uses 4 layers for strength and stability.
The first layer is the internal bladder which is the part that you inflate. Then we have a dual layer protective cover that has PE and polyester covers bonded together, the PE layer of the cover is also reinforced at the stress points giving it extra strength and stability. Finally we have a sleeve which is sewn into the awning. This improves the protection around your air tube, as well as the stability of the awning because the tube is held in position better.
Fitting Plus
Fitting Plus is an advanced fitting system giving better performance and a tighter fit by using three distinct additional features.
The three features are :
  • Double pads : These allow you to fill the gap generated when the awning is fitted to a roll out/wind out canopy. usually there is a gap formed by the canopy and the double pad helps fill the gap and keep out the draughts.
  • Adjustable Air Beam : This adjustable air beam allows you to extend the air beam at the top of the awning to allow for the gap underneath a roll out/wind out canopy.
  • Multiple pegging points : this is simply multiple height pegging points along the side of your awning. This allows far more adjustment for the change in height when using your awning on uneven ground and on motor homes and similar vehicles.
Zip on Tunnel
This product has a zip on tunnel. This means that the product does not need a drive away kit. This saves you money, but also makes it easier to attach to your roll out/wind out canopy.
It also improves the performance of awning by giving better protection against the weather by bringing the awning closer to your vehicle for a better fit. Also without the need for a drive away kit, it means the conection itself is more weatherproof, stronger and less prone to movement.
GroundSheet Ready
This product is groundsheet ready. It has a high performance, made to measure, velcro in groundsheet available for it.
This groundsheet is made to measure including snug fit cut-outs for the air beams, peg down doorways to remove trip hazards and it is a fully tubbed groundsheet giving the very best weather protection and added strength to the product.
2 Year Warranty
This product is built to last, so we give you a full 2 year warranty, giving you more peace of mind.
Anti-Weather System
The anti-weather system is a collection of updates that keep the bad weather out. They include extra rain protectors on zips, waterproof toggle points and additional weather protection dual coated panels.
Any Season
This product can be used in any season, any time during the year thanks to the durability of the fabric, backed with the strength of the frame.
U.V. 50 Plus
The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the awning last longer.
Single Person Pitch
This product is extremely easy to pitch, so much so it can be pitched by a single person. We also check them ourselves, to ensure they can be done.
Super Tubes
Super Tubes are larger and stronger tubes than standard air tubes. This means your product performs better in adverse weather as they are stronger and bends and flexes far less than other products.
Emergency Support
The emergency support system is built into your product and helps if there is an issue. If your air tube is damaged then the emergency support system will ensure your product stays up, allowing you to fix the issue.
This product is lightweight, which makes it easier to use and pack away. The light weight nature helps towards it being single person pitch as it is easy to pull through the awning channel yourself.
Annex Ready
This product has an annex option, allowing you to add that extra space for storage, bedroom(s) and more. You can have one or two annexes (left and right).
Pop Up Inner Tent
The product can take our free standing pop up inner tent giving you the option if having a sleeping pod/bedroom/junk room inside your product.
Inner Tent Ready
The product is ready to take its own dedicated inner tent, which is specifically designed for that product and is simply hung up in place and gives you a dedicated sleeping pod/ bedroom.
Panoramic View
This product has been designed for maximum views, allowing for extra light into the awning and better views when inside the awning, all of which add up to a better experience when using the awning.
Double Beading
Double beading on your product means that it can be used in either 4 or 6mm channels. This enables you to use this awning directly in a roll out/wind out canopy as well as standard caravan awning channels.

The Products
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The Westfield Outdoors® Premium Air Awnings and Canopy Product Range
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