Why Camp when you can glamp

There has never been a better time to switch from camping to glamping. Upgrade your stay by moving over to one of our luxury bell tents. Easier to use than a standard tent, more fun, open plan, more comfortable and they also last and last.

The Vision
Premium camping for everyone

This is the Quest Elite® Signature range of premium, luxurious bell tents. These are a world away from your standard family tunnel tents and a step up from most other bell tents.

This range of Bell tents has you covered from the traditional Bell in multiple sizes, through to the palatial Emperor with its amazing space, height and sheer scale and the modern Touareg which gives teh traditional Bell more space and usability for familes. These are premium tents from top to bottom. They feature premium materials, premium production and features simply not found on rivals. They have everything you need, so why not start glamping rather than just camping.

Being Bell tents they are also extremely easy to pitch, so much so all of the traditional Bell's and teh modern Touareg can easily be pitched by a single person and even the palatial Emperor only needs two people to help with the inital three poles, then it can easily be done by one person. NOt only can they be pitched easily, but also quickly. One person, on their own can easily pitch a traditional Bell tent in less than 15 minutes and that includes all the pegging, not just putting the tent up. The traditional Bell tent only has two poles, even the huge and palatial Emperor only has 5 poles, they are designed to be quick and easy.

There has never been a better time to switch from camping to glamping. Upgrade your stay now and take a look at our range

The Features
Please find below some of the features available in this range of awnings. Please note that not all features are available on all models as they depend upon the type of awning.
Premium Frame
This frame makes the tent easier to pitch. The poles themselves are a very heavy duty, premium grade galvanised steel giving years or use and durability.
Single Person Pitch
This product can be pitched by one person. Before we award this feature we test the product ourselves by pitching it with one person to be 100% sure that it can be done easily enough to claim single person pitch.
2 Year Warranty
This product is built to last, so we give you a full 2 year warranty, giving you more peace of mind.
Inner Tent Ready
This product is ready to take its own specifically designed inner tent and is simply hung up in place and gives you a dedicated sleeping pod/ bedroom.
Scenic Windows
Scenic windows are premium , crystal clear windows with internal blinds. They add extra light and air into you tent, usually not found on bell tents but included here.
Vista View
The 360 vista view option allows you to roll the entire side of the bell tent up, allowing for amazing views and gives your tent a complete and full airing.
Zipped Groundsheet
Fully zipped, heavy duty premium PVC, giving durability ,strength, and better thermal protection. Easier to clean and pack away, plus when taking the tent down you can unzip your canvas to ensure it stays clean.
U.V. 50 Plus
The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.
No Chill Mesh
Even though these tents are breathable we add extra mesh ventilation panels to give you even more air flow but stops wind chill. They all have zip shut internal panels, and use the quest no chill premium mesh.
Any Season
This product can be used in any season, any time during the year thanks to the durability of the fabric, backed with the strength of the frame.
The fabric used in this tent is sustainable, which means it is better for the environment, better for the earth and better for the next generation.
Premium Guy Ropes
This product uses premium, heavy duty guy ropes with hand sliders. Far better, stronger and easier to use than guy lines.
Quest Tec FullC
Quest Tec FullC is a luxurious 100% cotton fabric, that is waterproof, breathable and performs better in hot and cold conditions. Better fabric for a better experience.
This is a 100% cotton canvas, this means it is breathable so it doesn't sweat and cause condensation like polyester and polycotton fabrics. It also means that during the hot weather the threads inside the cotton expand, which opens the pores up allowing the tent to breath more and when its cold the fabric shrinks and shrinks the pores which improves the thermal capture properties of the fabric and keeps it warmer inside than a polyester or polycotton fabric would.

The Products
Please use the link below to go directly to the Quest Elite® Bell Tent range in our products secton of the website where you'll be able see all the different models.

The Quest Elite® Signature Bell Tent Product Range
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